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Mysore at The Mindful
Ashtanga San Francisco Mysore Yoga

with Matt Champoux

Mysore style practice is the self-paced, traditional forum and cornerstone for studying the series of Ashtanga Vinyasa* Yoga, as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Richard Freeman. No experience with the series is necessary and beginning students are always welcomed. All new students should check in with the teacher upon arrival to have their practice sequence determined. *Vinyasa is a sequence of movements and breath.

SStudents arrive anytime during the class period and practice for as little or as long as they like, but are encouraged to build the duration of practice until 1.5-2.5 hours becomes routine. Our approach to the practice is inviting and personalized while recognizing the value of correct Vinyasa and maintaining traditional pace as frameworks for accountability. As the student progresses in their practice, they are supported to advance under the watchful eye of the teacher. Ashtanga is a practice for everyone.

Mysore Frequently Asked Questions


Mondays - Fridays 6 - 9am
*teacher arrives to adjust at 6:45am and chant mantram at 7:15am

Sundays 7:30 - 10:30am
*teacher arrives to adjust and chant mantram at 8:15am

Traditionally, Mysore-style Ashtanga is not practiced on full and new moons, which are considered inauspicious days on which to engage in strenuous practice. At The Mindful Body, we observe the full and new moon days as rest days, where no formal practice is offered. Practitioners are encouraged to use this time for meditation, study, and reflection.

New Moons : NO PRACTICE ~ Rest Day

Full Moon: NO PRACTICE ~ Rest Day


Full New
9/8/14 9/23/14
10/8/14 10/23/14
11/6/14 11/22/14
12/6/14 12/21/14

About the Instructor
Matt Champoux has been teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa since 2005 in both led and Mysore-style settings. He has been a student of Ashtanga since 2000, practicing daily, under the close watch of his primary teachers, Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor at his home "shala" (studio) The Yoga Workshop, in Boulder, Colorado. His training includes apprenticeship, textual study, and trips to India whenever possible. Matt is a uniquely gifted teacher, and very few are so lucky to have had such long-term, in-depth exposure to Richard Freeman's methods and inquiry process. Philosophically, Matt is interested in Tibetan Buddhism, Advaita Vendanta, and Hindu Tantra.  


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